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Pre-Credit Union Formation

  1. Who can join the Credit Union? Members of the ZimFamilyUsa Investments Group, soon to be called the Zim US Family Collective

    1. How do you become a member of the ZimFamilyUsa Investments Group (soon to be called the Zim US Family Collective)?

      1. Subscribe to our website and Group link​

  2. When should we expect the Credit Union to get approved and start running? Early to mid 2025

  3. How much money do I need to contribute for raising proof of capital for the formation of the credit union? A minimum of $200 with an option to contribute more.

  4. In the unlikely situation of Credit Union formation being unsuccessful will I get my $200 back? Yes (less minimal system transaction fees)

  5. If I contribute more money do I get more voting rights? No. Due to the nature of the Credit Union rules and regulations, the Credit Union is a member owned entity and each member has equal voting rights. See National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) rules and regulations at However, a member who contributes more money will get more dividends. Add link

  6. Before the Credit Union starts operating, where is my money being kept? The money will be collected and kept in a secure bank account (Will add name once we confirm its going to be Comerica)

  7. Is the Credit Union Executive Team / Leadership Team getting paid? The Executive and non-executive Team members are all volunteers who are dedicated to the project and have put in many hours and will continue to work pro-bono for the next 3 years. There will be no back pay for any volunteer hours put in.

  8.  Where do I get additional details about the Credit Union? For more details please visit and subscribe to ZimFamilyUsa Investments Group Whatsapp Group.


Post Credit Union Formation

  1. What are the short term benefits of joining the credit union?

    1. Building your credit. This is very important especially for people who are new to the US and may have difficulties getting approved for credit cards etc

    2. Access to short term loans with competitive interest rates

  2. Can family members apply to be part of the credit union? Yes

  3. Is there an age limit to join the Credit Union? Yes. Age 18 and above.

  4. What eligibility documents do I need in order to join the credit Union? United States ID, Zimbabwean passport or Birth Certificate

  5. Are there limitations to the loans offered by the credit union?

    1. Loan limits will apply based on nature of products offered and applicant profile

  6. What are the long term benefits of joining the credit union?

    1. Receiving prorated dividends from credit union profits on an annual basis

    2. Access to different investment options

    3. Provide volunteer services and /or full time employment

    4. Discounted legal services for members

    5. Participate in community centered financial organization 

    6. Receive financial literacy support 

  7. How long does my membership last? Membership is for life as long as you continue to comply with the credit union policies

  8. If I don't provide the $200 donation now, can I join the credit union later? Yes. However you will miss the opportunity to be a chartered member.


Federal Credit Union Formation


ZFUIG Project Pitch Archive

ZFUIG Investment Idea Proposal Form

We are building a pipeline of investment projects for future implementation. Each year we will review new investment project proposals or revisit previous project proposals for implementation within our ZFUIG community. We want to hear from you and incorporate your investment ideas into our pipeline. Please share your details and the investment idea essentials below:

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