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Welcome to the Zim Family USA Investment Group community, soon to adopt our new non-profit called  the Zim US Family Collective .

  If you are not yet a ZFUIG member  please subscribe so you can participate. You will automatically be enrolled into the Zim US Family Collective.


Having our own non-profit organization unlocks a wide range of funding and low cost services that can support our goals in serving our community.


The Zim US Family Collective is a non-profit organization that will:

  1. Celebrate our Zimbabwean heritage, through community events and education.

  2. Facilitate access to immigration transition services,

  3. Present new financial growth project idea opportunities in collaboration with ZFUIG steering team. These projects will be pursued as independently run organizations.

The objective is to grow our community and strengthen our community by providing services and platforms for Zimbabwean immigrants to participate in or leverage to  better their lives at a capacity that is suitable for them.

The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, religious, or scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3)

of the Internal Revenue Code. The Corporation’s specific purpose shall include, but not be limited to, promoting the traditions, values, and lifestyles of immigrants from Zimbabwe; working for the integration of immigrants into American culture; and encouraging understanding and respect for other cultures through activities and events that promote cultural exchange.

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